About me:

I’m a 27 year old photographer, writer, web designer, and jack of all trades living in Virginia, across the river from Washington DC.  I’m somewhat nomadic as a former expat who has moved 28 times in 8 years and I have more projects running at a given time than anyone in their right mind should.

I also consider myself something of an adventurer.  I was a tall ship sailor for many years, I am slowly working on obtaining my pilot’s license, and one of my favourite pastimes is riding the vintage sidecar motorcycle that I share with my boyfriend.  After teaching English at three middle schools on a small, mountainous island on the southwestern-most tip of South Korea for a year, I am currently freelancing while also searching for a more full-time position to tide me over until I leave to start The Mongolian Experiment sometime in 2011 or 2012.

I have a bit of a problem with feeling like I was born at the wrong point in history, which I remedy by spending much of my spare time as a historical reenactor.  I’m a voracious reader to whom nothing is too boring to learn. I am very much in love with a wonderful Frenchman, with whom I share many of my hobbies as well as a dream of living in rural Vermont or Pennsylvania. I live a relatively simple lifestyle and try to roll with life’s punches as much as possible.  I am also highly silly, and somewhat of a kid wearing grown-up’s clothing.  I’m an ENFP.

Contact Me:

IM:  I can be contacted on various instant messenger clients – please leave a comment with your preferred method, and I’ll tell you my username for that service.

EMAIL:  Please use my “Contact” page.

Why I blog:

I’ve been blogging, in various forms (livejournal, blogger, wordpress, now my own self-hosted blog) since around early 2000.  I was a compulsive journaler before the advent of blogs, and it seemed like a logical progression to me.  While my blog started off as primarily a personal record for myself of my thoughts and experiences, it eventually ended up with an audience, which in turn changed the style and tone of my writing.  Sometimes I feel like I’m being narcissistic by writing about my life as much as I do, but since this blog currently averages around 400 hits a day (and that number rises quite often), clearly people find my life interesting!

The topics I cover in this blog tend to shift with my current life situation and current interests.  Recently I’ve been writing a lot about reenacting, my entry into the Society for Creative Anachronism, our foster cats, my adjustment to a non-nomadic life, our sidecar motorcycle, Smutyanka, and my attempt to enter the world of freelancing.  Some of the topics I tend to write about include:  life as an expat, life in korea, dogs, cats, ferrets, reenacting, sewing, travel, photography, internal contemplations, motorcycles, planes, food, media, and the internet.


Any and all photography on this blog that is not otherwise referenced is my own.  It’s copyrighted, so stealing is verboten.  If you want to use an image of mine for something, I’ll probably say yes, but please send me an email first.  I am a professional, so I like to know where and how my work is being used.