$24 for 24 Hours Special!

December 12, 2010  |  No Sidebar, Products

I’ve had something of an excess of creative energy recently, and I’ve found myself working on random design projects in order to channel that energy a bit.  Yesterday I did a few hypothetical redesigns of banners for blogs, both real and imagined, and when I woke up this morning I thought “Why not help other folks out in the process?”.

So, from noon (12pm) EST on Monday (tomorrow) until noon EST on Tuesday, I will be taking orders for blog header designs/redesigns. Why am I only offering this for 24 hours?

I’m doing it for just $24 per header.

Usually I charge around $100 for this service, making this a sale of 75% off!  For your $24 you get two design concepts and up to two revisions to whichever design you opt for. I can use your own images or I can find Creative Commons-licensed images to use.  It can be a subtle touch-up of your current header or it can be a completely new look.  It’s all up to you!

After noon on Tuesday, my header prices will revert back to normal, so take advantage of this now!

If you think you would be interested in this, please leave a comment below stating such and I will email you tomorrow with a reminder.  The official ordering post will go up at noon tomorrow.

Edit: The order form is now up: Order Here

Included below are a few headers that I’ve done recently, as examples.  Some are for extant blogs, some are for hypothetical blogs, and some are for blogs that have yet to debut.


  1. Hey, would you be interestedin doing something for our site? http://www.1000fights.com.



  2. YES definitely interested! I’m switching my blog to wordpress (www.carolineinthecityblog.wordpress.com) right now and don’t have a lot of cash to spend!

  3. Really awesome offer! Do you want/need really specific suggestions, or should we just supply you with pics and leave the creative process up to you? I made my header, but I’m (very very) amateur and would love something new and different.

  4. Definitely something I am considering.

  5. I’m moving my blog to wordpress and will have a more simple look. I’m keeping the name (PoMo Golightly) and changing the tagline (Committed to exuberant imperfection) and would love a elegant, edgy new header! Thanks for this awesome offer!

  6. Yes, please! My banner is 656 x 180, and I’d love something new to slide into its place.

  7. Ah, very cool and something I’m definitely interested in. I did my header myself, but it was using a free picture editing program, and while I like it, I know it’s not the most professionally done header out there.

  8. Would you be able to create a simple header for a tumblr blog? Or does it need to be WordPress?


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