Mongol Deel = 99% Complete

January 9, 2010  |  No Sidebar, Personal, Photography, Reenacting

Marc and I finished the trim on my Mongol deel before I left for the holidays, but I never got around to posting photos of it. All we have left to do on the deel is to add the fasteners to the side, and then it’s done! After that we need to sew my pants and wallet, but those should go very quickly – both can be done in an evening, at most. After that, I’ll be ready to attend my first SCA event ever, which will probably be the Interbaronial Twelfth Night down in Newport News in two weeks, in Tir-Y-Don, Marc’s old stomping grounds.

Anyway, here is what the deel looks like now, with the black trim in place:

IMG 0575 IMG 0580
IMG 0579 IMG 0581

Did I mention that we made it 100% reversible?  It’s like two deels in one!


  1. Love it! I mean, why make a deel if you can make a reversible one! Great thinking!

  2. @Alissa: I figured that by making it reversible, it would be like having two of them. Due to its weight, it’s a winter deel, but I plan on doing this with the summer one I’ll be making in a couple months as well.

    @IronDad: It’s actually clothing for the SCA, the medieval recreation group I am joining.

  3. That’s a very detailed Deel. I am looking for a pattern for a Deel (also for the SCA) for myself. Is this Deek from a pattern? If it is, or if you know where to find a pattern for a male Deel, could you let me know?

    Thanks, Sean

    • This deel was not made from a pattern. We looked at around 50-100 period images and then created a pattern for ourselves. My boyfriend is a very talented tailor, and he helped quite a bit.

      The pattern itself is really pretty simple – it’s all straight lines. If you poke around online a bit, you can find some sketches of patterns that other folks have created.

  4. Such a deel!

  5. That is a well crafted deel you have there. You even have the boots and hat! I made one for the SCA too. Mine’s not reversible and I chose to use the modern style of collar, which I later found out wasn’t period, lol. And I added rabbit fur to the cuffs for added warmth and decoration. I heard that black trim was only for funeral deel’s mainly, but that may be more of a modern tradition. I got my pattern from some webpage pdf file that had some crude drawings of the pattern. It was enough of a basic outline for me to make my own and just wing it on the rest. The deel is basically just the same design as a kimono, but the deel has side laces whereas the kimono does not. I’m just curious as to how you made it reversible because where did you hide all the stitching for the seams!?

    • I’m sure by now you don’t need the answere to this question… If you read her earlier blog, she says that she basically made 4 deels from different colored fabric and put them together to make it reversible.
      I am currently looking for a pattern, so I will try your idea of using a modified kimono pattern. Thanks

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