Random Korean Photos: Part III

A small riding school on Jindo.

Random Korean Photos: Part III

Yet more random photos from my time spent living in South Korea.  As always, there are more below the cut.

MG 2971

MG 2967

MG 2966

Performers at the Jindo Sea Parting Festival.

MG 0208

MG 0188

Various kinds of kimchi for sale in the market.

MG 4155

Worn paper doors on an old traditional hanok house on Jindo.

MG 3223

Graffiti on the walls of a hanok house in Namdoseokseong, on Jindo.

Hanok Wall


  1. you’re an excellent photographer! Love the vibrancy of these photos.

  2. Thank you. My training in college was in photojournalism (well, part of it was. the rest was documentary film and written journalism).

    If you want to see more of my work, you can check out the photography category: http://www.driftingfocus.com/blogs/?cat=6 or my portfolio: http://driftingfocus.squarespace.com/portfolio/

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