Blogs of Note: Korean Cuts

December 27, 2009  |  Expat Life

I found a surprisingly good and relatively un-discovered Korea blog (K-blog) today:  Korean Cuts

Korean Cuts is written by a teacher on Wando, an island county very similar to where I worked in Korea (though their population is much higher).  He offers a great glimpse into what it’s like to live on a rural island in Korea, and his writing is excellent, very successfully integrating both serious topics and humor, all the while painting the reader a very vivid picture due to his very descriptive writing style.  Reading some of his entries reminded me greatly of my life on Jindo, and he has been able to put into words many of the situations I was not (things like this happened to me all the time, for instance).  If you want to get an indirect idea of what my life was like in Korea, this is the blog to read.

Go!  Read!  Now!

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