Mongol Deel: Almost Done!

November 25, 2009  |  Personal

Marc and I are almost finished with my Mongol deel for my Mongol SCA impression.  The lining and exterior have been sewn together, and we made me a sash out of some beautiful golden silk dupioni.  The blue silk hanging from it will eventually be my wallet (the finished piece will be half that long).  The only things we have left to do now are to put on the black trim around the edges and bottom hem, sew on the buttons and toggles, and make my pants (which will be out of brown silk noil).  The trim will be made out of off-black flannel and will be a little annoying to do, especially around the collar, but I think it will make the garment look much more polished, and I have several references which show black trim as a common decoration for deels.  The buttons will be some oblong, Persian-inspired silver toggles that Marc and I found.  Since my persona hails from right around the time that the Mongols were sacking the hell out of the Middle East, some Persian-influenced buttons would not be out of place.

It is really coming along, and I really like the way it has turned out.  I’m really looking forward to attending my first SCA event sometime in the near future, once we figure out what we want to attend.

del del-2
del-3 del-4

The deel itself is quite comfortable.  I have an under-deel made from the same pattern that is made from plain, unbleached cotton, which means that I won’t have to wash the outer garment as often.  The sleeves of the under-deel end about where the red cuffs begin, and the bottom hem falls just above my knee.  The sash is also quite comfortable, but man, it makes you sit up straight.  The sashes were meant to act as sort of a soft corset to help with the rigors of endless hours of horseback riding, and I can tell you, it definitely seems like it would do the job. (In the future, the sash ends will be tucked in in the back, not tied in a bow.  We just tied it like that for sake of ease and quickness for the photos.)  Marc and I are discussing getting me some proper Mongolian boots for Christmas.  For the time being, though, these will have to do.

After that, I need to figure out a name!


  1. hi
    i think that kind a deel is for men. Also the belt is totaly wrong.. sorry

  2. If you read the post, you will see that the belt was a temporary solution, and is not the final product. Even the deel itself is not finished in these photos. The finished product (it is now finished but I have not posted photos) is much longer, has trim, cuffs, etc.

    It may look like a men’s deel to you, but it is not. It is a deel made in the style of Mongol deels from the 1250s. During that time, the deels for unmarried women were very similar to mens deels, with a few changes (longer, different colors, etc). This garment was made after rather extensive historical research and documentation.

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