Mongol Deel: Progress Report

November 14, 2009  |  Personal, Photography

Marc and I have been working on my Mongolian deel.  We have the lining sewn, and are working on the outer layer.  We had a bit of a measuring mishap and as such have had to purchase some extra fabric to make trim, but it’s coming along.  Here are some photos of our progress:


Marc using the already-cut lining pieces to make a pattern for the outside layer to be cut from. This deel has 12 yards of fabric in it. Five yards of teal raw silk (for the outer layer), five of burgundy cotton flannel (for the lining), and 2 of black cotton flannel (for the trim/edging).


The lining pieces, cut and laid out, but not sewn. The fabric is 100% cotton flannel.


Lining completed, being worn here as a "finished" deel. We're making the garment reversible, so on warm days, this is the color you will see.


The back, complete with my awesome Mongolian hat Marc bought me for my birthday.


From the side.

Unfortunately, Mongolian clothes aren’t the most flattering to the female figure (since they’re heavily layered and have several layers around your middle), but at least they’re better than Korean hanboks.


  1. Wow! you guys are doing great. Good job and good luck!

    • Thanks! I’ve had a fascination with Mongolia and its history for years, and since we both belong to a historical costuming society, I decided to attempt to make a deel in the style that would have been popular in the Khalkha region in the 1200s-1300s. It will be lined in the color you see here, and the outside will be a dark teal raw (non-shiny) silk. The edging/trim will be a faded black. Eventually I will embroider the trim, but for now we just want to finish the garment. Marc, my boyfriend, got me the Khalkha hat for my birthday in September, so now all I need are the boots.

      You don’t happen to know of any resources for Mongolian names, do you?

  2. First: there is The Secret History of Mongols and also “The World History” by Rashid-al-Din

    Second there is an SCA paper written by Baras-aghur Naran

    The next would be reading The Mongols: A history by Jerimiah Curtain (the spelling will be off… but it will give you good ideas)

    btw… it is said… that the first thing your mother sees after you are born is what you are named…
    Mine is feminine… Sara(moon)qan(of) Uneged(Fox Clan)

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