Silly Hats!

October 17, 2009  |  Personal

Last night in my post about finishing my first Mongol deel, I mentioned that my birthday present from Marc was a wicked awesome Mongolian hat (hand sewn in Mongolia – I now have gotten a package from that corner of the world) for my Mongol impression for the SCA.  It is simply too cool to not post photos of, so here you go:





Specifically, it’s a hat from the Khalkha people of Mongolia.  Hats are of utmost importance in Mongolian culture (indeed, the highest insult is to take off someone’s hat and throw it on the ground), and each ethnic group has its own distinct style.  The Khalkha were the dominant group during Genghis Khan’s reign, and their clothing (also unique to each ethnic group) is among the more simplified Mongolian clothes.  These reasons, among others, are why I’ve chosen to focus on the Khalkha for my impression.  You can learn more about the different ethnic groups in Mongolia here.

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  1. I’ve really enjoyed this Mongold thread. Years ago when I was a child, I read “The Golden Hawks of Genghis Khan” by Rita Ritchie, and it just blew me away. Her descriptions of the Mongols and that part of the world were transformational for me, and helped me realise there was more to the world than my grimey little corner of Cleveland. Thanks much for posting this. :^)


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