The Ideal Soviet Soldier

The Ideal Soviet Soldier

September 25, 2009  |  No Sidebar, Personal, Photography, Reenacting

For those curious, here is how a well-equipped, pre-German invasion, early WWII Soviet soldier would have been equipped. Robbie here is missing his greatcoat and shelter half, which would have been carried in a roll over the shoulders, but other than that, he’s got pretty much everything (more photos below the cut):







  1. Nice pics! He seems too well equiped.

    • He’s well equipped because he’s equipped as a Soviet soldier would have been in 1938-39, back when they were still on the side of the Germans and still had good supply lines because they hadn’t mobilized their entire country yet, hence my reference to him as a “well-equipped, pre-German invasion, early WWII Soviet soldier “. In 1938, they did start out like this. The stereotype of the ill-equipped Soviet infantryman taking gear from their dead comrades and enemies is something that comes later, starting in 1941-ish.

  2. Comrade, a quetion if you please. It’s for the asking if the star on the helmut is an authentic or more or less something for the decoration? It seems to me painting a large red target on your noodle is not such the great idea? Something like magnet for German bullets, neit?

    Dieing to know…

    • It’s authentic. These are original helmets that have been refurbished by our commander. The star seems silly, yes, but the paint job on these is copied directly from an original in his possession. However, many soldiers scraped them off or painted over them after a few months. But, since these shots are meant to represent a soldier straight off the supply line, it’s correct. Also, this is a presentation of an early war (1938-40) soldier, so at this point, we’re still on the side of the Germans. 😉

  3. Though his impression is fantastic, this wouldn’t be pre-invasion with those subdued collar tabs. Great photos though, and I love those pre-war ammo pouches!

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