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August 31, 2009  |  Expat Life, Personal

1.  Scribblings of the Metropolitician has a great post up about the Film/Digital debate within photography. Some of it is within the context of his location in Korea, but I found it to be a very accurate and informative post on the subject in general, and a good read for anyone interested in the debate or photography in general. Read it here.

2.  Letters Home has a post up recounting her daughter’s experiences at an “Extreme Adventures” camp whose adventures tended to be…less than extreme.  She has some good things to say about how the current generation is being discouraged from risk-taking of any kind, and are being needlessly coddled.  I strongly agree, and one of the reasons I don’t want to have children of my own is that I’d want to raise them the way I was raised, which would probably result in CPS being called on me constantly.  The post is here.

3.  Ask A Korean has written an explanatory post about Koreans’ habit of eating dogs.  I have some disagreements with him on this subject, but it’s a very informative post.  If you’ve ever wanted to know about that rather dark side of Korean cuisine, give it a read right over here.

4.  One Free Korea has some commentary about a report that North Korea has been having some problems with labor camp and factory uprisings.  This bodes well for an eventual overthrow.  Well, maybe.  Decide for yourself. Seoul Patch also has an article up about the slight “thaw” we have been seeing in North Korean relations lately.  Check it out.

5.  I have been thoroughly creeped out by an article over at alter.net about Christian adoption agencies that basically bully and shame unwed mothers into giving up their children.  I am not surprised that something like this still goes on, but it is no less creepy and depressing.  Read about it here.

6.  I discovered a new site recently, for artists and other individuals looking for a more crowd-sourced way to fund projects.  If you are such a person, check out KickStarter.  I found it through this NYT article.

7.  My fellow Korean expat friend Kristen (to whom I sold my motorcycle) has a great and humorously written post up about her personal experiences with the Korean reaction to swine flu.  It’s hilarious, so give it a read.

8.  I have to plug my new favourite blog:  Straight Forward in a Crooked World.  I found it through one of the police blogs I read, and it’s fascinating and yet also educational.  The writer works in private security, but his life and stories read like something out of an action movie.  He offers advice on just about everything you would need to get out of a bad situation, including how to properly bribe a 3rd world policeman and how to properly ram a car.  It’s quite cool, so go read it.

And now, because I feel like it, have a random photo of one of the villages on Jindo Island, where I used to live:


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