Gearing Up

July 24, 2009  |  No Sidebar, Personal, Reenacting

Marc and I are really looking forward to the living history this weekend. Unfortunately, we’ll be a little sleep-deprived, since Marc is working until 11pm tonight and we have to get up at like 5:30am in order to be there by 9am. I’m a good early-morning driver, so Marc should be able to sleep in the car.

I think this is going to be a really fun event.  It’s what is known in the hobby as a “Military Through the Ages” – i.e. an exhibition of all sorts of military units, ranging from medieval to modern day, from all different countries.  We’re going to be portraying WWII British Commonwealth on leave in Cairo, so we have Brits, Canadians, and Marc is portraying a South African.  Since we’re “on leave”, we’re basically going to be hanging around our massive bell tent (it can sleep like 12 people), chatting, drinking, smoking, and talking with tourists.  I will be there as a reporter.  This event was an excuse for me to buy a safari jacket – something I have wanted since I was a little kid, so I’m very much amused.  It was also a chance for me to finally get some 1940s civilian shoes.  These are essentially WAC shoes, and as such they will work for many different WWII impressions.  I was really lucky to find someone selling an original pair on Etsy.  They’re small, but thankfully, so are my feet:

1940s Shoes WAAC Shoes

If you’re interested in visiting the event, here’s the relevant info:

Military Time Line Display
July 25th and 26th 9-5 both days
Whitehall Gristmill
506 Mickley Rd Whitehall PA.  18052

The event is up near Allentown, so if you’re in that area of Pennsylvania or nearby, feel free to come give us a visit!  Just look for a big, cylindrical pyramid-looking tent.

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