Help! I’m becoming domestic!

July 2, 2009  |  Personal

My life has definitely taken a turn for the domestic since Marc started working.  I wake up at the same time he does, and while he’s in the shower I make his lunch for the day.  When he’s out and dressed, I drive to the nearby metro and drop him off for work.  Then I come back, shower, make the bed, have breakfast, etc, before starting on my oh-so-exciting day of job hunting, poking around the internet, playing with dogs at the nearby dog park, going on walks, cleaning the apartment, and running errands.  It’s not bad, but it’s definitely weird.

MG 6167

This week Marc and I made two decisions which are likely to make me feel even more domestic:  we’re moving into a place twice the size we’re in now, and we’re going to begin fostering cats and kittens for the local animal rescue, Lost Dog Rescue.

As for the feline fostering, Marc has volunteered with Lost Dog in the past, and several folks at the dog park I frequent foster dogs through them.  They also have many cats and kittens that also need temporary homes, and we’re not quite ready to fully adopt an animal, so this is a good option for us.  It will give animals a temporary home while giving us animals to play with and keep us company, without the commitment of full adoption.  They will be contacting us sometime this week about what cats or kittens they have available for us.  It should be fun.

As for the move, we’re not moving that far – only about a block away, actually.  The place we’re currently living is good, but Marc and I had been discussing moving into a 2 bedroom place if it wasn’t much more expensive than what we’re paying now.  Shortly after I arrived in DC, the apartment complex left a note on our door stating that they’re raising our rent to a number somewhat higher than I want to pay for a 1 bedroom place with a rusty bathroom sink and a heating/ac unit that sometimes spews forth bugs.  That note made me start casually looking around the area for other places, but nothing too serious.  Then, while Rose and Brian were in town last weekend looking at apartments (and I was helping them), we all found a great building that is just around the corner (literally) from where we currently are.

Our new place...soon.

For only $200 more than we’re currently paying, we can double our current apartment size to a renovated 2bed/2bath place, and the utilities are all included (rare in DC), there’s no parking fees, no pet fees, two pools – one outdoor, one indoor heated, and management so good that the office walls are full of articles from newspapers like the Washington Post extolling its virtues.  Not only that, but they give police a 10% discount, which would be awesome if Marc can get the job he is applying for with the Fairfax Police.  I keep thinking…what’s the catch?  Does it enter an alternate dimension every third Sunday?  Does Cthulhu live in the kitchen sink?  There doesn’t seem to be one, as there is not a single bad review out there of this place online.  I’m sure there’s something, but I remain optimistic.

I’m hoping that a move into a fresh space (see above floorplan), combined with a pet, will help me feel a little more settled here.  I am definitely feeling more secure than I was when I first returned from Korea, but I am still a bit uneasy in my new life here in DC.  I’m sure I’ll eventually feel settled, but it’s going to take some work, and hopefully these two changes will help.


  1. After looking at listings for a month and a half, I don’t think “All utilities included” (not including internet) is that rare for DC…As long as you’re willing to bite the bullet and be willing to pay over $900 a month. Places that take pets on the other hand…that wasn’t an issue for me personally, but a prospective roommate (when I was still looking) had a cat, and it was VERY hard to find listings that accepted pets.

    That said, I was primarily concentrating on NW, so I don’t know about other parts of the DC area. What neighborhood would this place be in?

    The fostering cats and kittens thing sounds like a lot of fun, and I’m sure after a few months you’ll have settled in fine!

    • It’s not rare if you’re just looking for a room or subletting an apartment, but it’s rare for apartments that are in complexes, highrises, etc, which is what we are looking for/currently live in.

      We live outside DC, in Falls Church, which is where this particular highrise (and our current one) is. I think you’ll find it’s cheaper and just as accessible, while also being lower in crime, more green, quieter, etc. Right now we pay $1120 for our 1bdrm, though that is going up to almost $1300 if we stay here. By contrast, the new place is only $1550 for a 2bd/2ba, and with the police discount it’s only $1400, which is incredible for the size it is and the location.

      • I actually found a nice 1br basement (ground floor on one side) in Tenleytown, so I’m happy. Utilities not included, but I won’t be paying anything for transportation to school or groceries, and I’ll be paying altogether about $1000 a month for it, which I thought was pretty decent.

        High rises are too pricey for me, unless I had a roommate. Like I said, I had a hard time finding a high rise/managed which would take pets though, so good work on that one.

        I’ll drop you a line when I move in and get settled (in early August). I want to do some exploring, so it’d be good to know someone else with a little free time to walk around with (assuming you still have any by then :) ).

        • Yeah, that’s what I meant by subletting – stuff like apartments in houses, etc. It’s rare outside DC because there’s actually *space* outside DC, and we can’t live in the district because of the gun laws.

  2. “”what’s the catch? … Does Cthulhu live in the kitchen sink?”
    Just goes to show, one man’s ‘catch’ is another man’s ‘Wow! Awesome!’

  3. If you move there you’ll be within five miles of us and near some extremely good Chinese food. Email me if you two want to do a double date or get the low-down on Koreatown.

  4. Oh, I know exactly where you are. Your image file name gave it away. 😉

  5. With all the warm fuzzy vibes we’re getting from this place, it’s probably just a Cthulu kitten.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to move there! It’ll be great to see you more — not QUITE as convenient as down the hall like during Div III, but this is a close second. And we can walk to the dog park together!

    Also, B and I fully intend to bum affection off of your foster kitties.

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