Airline Woes

Airline Woes

May 13, 2009  |  Expat Life, Life in Korea

I hate booking air travel.

This morning I was finally able to purchase my ticket home to the US.  As of 6:20pm on Wednesday, the 27th, I will no longer be a resident of Korea.  Pretty crazy.  The year has gone by very fast.  In fact, sometimes I don’t think it ever really sank in all that much that I’m living in a foreign country.  I did have moments, certainly, but in general, it just felt like yet another place I was living and working.  I haven’t yet decided if that’s good or bad.

I am now in the process of booking both Marc’s roundtrip ticket from DC to Houston (and back to DC) and my one-way ticket from Houston to DC.  We’re taking a vacation staying with my family in Houston for two weeks, so that I can decompress a bit after Korea and Marc after grad school without immediately jumping into 24/7 job hunting.  I found a flight that gets Marc into Houston International an hour before I arrive at the same airport from Korea, which means we would only have to make one trip to the airport and he would be able to greet me when I get off the plane from Korea.  The tricky part is getting us back to DC.  For the sake of logistics, it makes the most sense for us both to take the same flight home.  However, a one-way fare on the same flight back as Marc is almost three times the price as a roundtrip fare.  So, after a call to Continental, if we want to be on the same flight, the best bet is for me to book a roundtrip ticket for myself and just make the return flight to Houston be my flight home at Christmas or something.  Not the most ideal situation, but whatever.

This past year or so has been good for my airline miles, though.  After I book these two tickets, I will have booked 3 domestic roundtrip flights, 1 roundtrip flight to Korea, and 2 one-ways to/from Korea, all since last March.  That bodes well for any international travel that Marc and I do, as I’m quite sure that’s probably at least one free ticket to Europe.

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  1. Living overseas is awesome for collecting air miles….my 4 year old son probably has more miles than most people will get in their lifetime. Enjoy your trip home…and keep us posted on your life post-Korea.

    • The best thing is that at least for the two one-ways to/from Korea, I didn’t even pay for them! Well, I did, but I was reimbursed. Still got the miles though.

      I will definitely still be talking about Korea for quite some time even after I go home. But, regardless, I do still, in my opinion, lead a relatively interesting life even when I’m not abroad, so I hope folks will keep reading.

  2. Speaking about miles, Lufthansa has good program, where travelers can donate miles for good cause – children’s health, food or Earth problems. I participated when I earned enough miles to donate. If somebody more needy can benefit from those miles, I am happy.

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