Jindos…or Dingos?

March 28, 2009  |  Expat Life, Personal

It has come to my attention that Jindos look an awful lot like Dingos.  After looking at some photos of Dingos, I tend to agree.


cutest_dingo_pups_ever1jpg borneo_dogs_feedingjpg

20061115_dingojpg 800px-dingowelpen_berlinjpg



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2722512442_cb3c757f01jpg 2727839120_fb30ff4901jpg

2832566166_9af762b446jpg 2806469085_92c3e11934jpg2


  1. I am a Jindo owner and I am reminded of this comparison quite frequently by people that stop to talk with me while I take my girl out on walks. The ears on the Dingo are a pretty easy way to tell the difference though.

    While I can’t remember the source, I remember reading a page that discusses the evolutionary similarities of primitive or aboriginal breeds (Dingo, Jindo, Carolina Dog, Canaan Dog) which causes them to resemble one another; it was a very interesting read. If I can find it I can comment again with the link.

    And while I’m here, I just want to say that I enjoy reading your blog immensely and have been lurking for the past few months. 8)

  2. Such beautiful creatures. I love the pics! I wonder if the similar name is a result of the similar look?

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