So you want me to write about food?

I’ve gotten several recent requests for me to write about the cooking that I do.  So, I guess that’s now a thing I’m going to add to the lineup here?  Please do let me know if it’s appreciated or not.


My cooking tends to lean paleo-ish, protein-heavy, carb-light, batch cooking-friendly, and cheap-ish.  Things you’ll see as recurring themes in the food I feature here:


– bacon and bacon grease

– dark meat chicken

– eggs

– sandwiches

– avocados

– one pot/pan meals

– packable meals


Everything I write about here will be something I’ve personally made and, most of the time, will come from nowhere other than my head.  I have some very talented chefs in my family, and though I didn’t really inherit that particular talent, I’ve found that I’m a very improvisational cook.  I suck at following recipes, so I gave up on them ages ago and just focused on learning some basic cooking techniques and trusting my sense of taste profiles.  It has served me pretty well most of the time, and it results in pretty low-stress cooking.


I like my blogging like I like my cooking – low stress and improv-heavy, so expect this to be fairly irregular, with multiple dishes per post when I do write.  If there’s some kind of thing you’d like to see me attempt, let me know and I might give it a shot.

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  • karen

    i always love to hear about people’s cooking/food thoughts

    April 10, 2017 at 10:51 pm