Water in my Walls

So, it has been awhile since I wrote anything particularly substantive about my personal life, and what’s going on with it.  There’s a good reason for that: back in August, my house decided to see what it would be like to become a water pipeline.


One evening, during the same storm that practically washed away Ellicott City’s main street, I came down to the kitchen to see water dripping rather rapidly from the ceiling and window casing.  I went into the basement and found water coming through the opening to the walls overhead at a rather rapid and worrying pace.  This was my evening:


I was up until almost 3am that night, calling the insurance company, my parents, a friend who works in insurance, contractors, roofers, the whole nine yards.  The next morning, roofers came out and found that the roof of the vacant house next door (though the roofer joked that it could hardly be called a roof anymore) had basically poured water through a hole between the two roof lines (one of the hazards of having a rowhouse).  This is damaging to any house, but my house is 120 years old and made of plaster, which is a whole different bag of cats.


For those curious, here’s some of the work they did on the roof, as well as the new skylight we had them put in, since the old one was in danger of leaking in the future:



I spent nearly a month dealing with contractors, insurance adjusters, water remediation specialists, etc, before everything was sorted out.  Work started back in late September, and it looks like we’re now entering the home stretch, work-wise, as we head into November.  The whole back wall of the kitchen had to be torn out on the inside, one of the windows had to be reframed and reset, the kitchen floor has to be replaced, a window upstairs needed to be reframed and reset, lots of plaster work all around, some hardwood floor upstairs needed to be patched, some framing in the basement needed to be shored up…to give you an idea, the work order for this house has 59 items on it.


I’ll try to post a bit more often about progress, especially now that we’re nearing some degree of completion.

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