Introducing: Baltimore Guides

It has repeatedly been mentioned to me that I am a good tour guide for my guests here in Baltimore.  As you may know, I really love this city, and I enjoy showing it off, and I’ve done that…a lot.  Over the few short years I’ve been living in this city I’ve developed a list of places I like to take people, and I carry that list around in one of my notebooks.  It’s currently divided up by type: food, culture, and “Baltimore stuff”, but that only works as a system when it’s me (or another Baltimorean) is looking at the list, as it doesn’t give any clue as to what sort of itinerary to make for what type of person or what part of the city you’re going to be in.


As a result, and at the urging of friends, I’ve decided to put together a small series of guides for visiting Baltimore.  Some will be based around neighborhoods, while others will be based around the stuff that different types of people (foodies, artists, architecture buffs, etc) may be interested in.  I’ll be posting them here as they get written, so keep an eye out for them, and feel free to let me know if you’d like me to write a guide for any particular type of interest that you don’t see represented!  I’d be happy to oblige.


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