Light Test for the New Studio

Last weekend my friend Shana was in town for a day, and I had my second guest in two weeks at the House of Half-Ass.  Considering that my furniture currently consists of a couple lamps, two air mattresses, and a couple dinner chairs, I’d say that I’m doing pretty good so far.


While she was here, I asked her to be a guinea pig for some shots in various parts of the room that will eventually become my studio.  The light in this room is one of the main things that sold me on this house – it’s south facing, with constant, strong but indirect light all day long.  What I had already suspected was in fact true: each part of the room gives a rather different look to the subject, and it doesn’t take much to get exactly what I’m looking for out of the natural light in there.  With some reflectors and maybe a single light, I should be rockin’ and rollin’ pretty soon.  As soon as I finish renovating the other bedroom and getting the house ready for full time habitation, that is.  And after I find a new job.  But soon!


The eastern wall gets the light that I like the most.  It’s pretty strong from the window, but you also get some reflection off the opposite wall as well.  Here’s what the eastern wall shots look like:



The southern wall looks very different depending on whether I have the subject backlit by the window or standing on the wall between the two windows, lit only by the reflection off the wall behind me:



Next is the western wall, which is similar to the light from the eastern wall, but a little less bright due to the tree outside:



And finally the north wall, which provides a very flat, moderately bright light with virtually no shadows:



I’m really pleased in general with the fact that my intuition about the room was right, and I look forward to doing much more portrait work in the future.  In the meantime, if you’re stopping by the house for a visit, remind me and I’ll take a headshot or two, just for fun.

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