It’s now getting close to mid-March, and I feel like my life is finally speeding back up again after almost 3 months of surgery-imposed inactivity.  Here’s what’s been going on and what’s shortly to come:


1. I was cleared for duty by my surgeon, which means I can go back to regular levels of work and exercise.  I find that I am so much more interested in exercise now that it’s not an ordeal, and I’m already losing weight.  I’ve developed quite a belly over the last few years, which I intend to lose this year.  I’m already down from a size 36 pants to a size 34 and am actually probably a 33 in a few brands.  I’ve lost about 15lbs in total.


Sample page from my bullet journal.

2. I think I may have finally found a productivity system that works for me: bullet journaling.  It’s very similar to a system I’ve used for years, but it solves a lot of problems that I could never quite work out on my own (like how to manage tasks that I would think of in the moment but which didn’t need addressing until later, and how to manage events).  I’ve added a few tweaks, like a very informal meal tracker and a system for keeping track of any money that comes in or goes out.


3. I close on the house on Lorraine on March 23rd and will probably start moving stuff in the very next day.  I look forward to moving my stuff out of our current house, as I’m a very organized person, and when everything is unpacked, it has a neat and tidy place where it belongs.  When I’m packing up, on the other hand, stuff ends up in steadily growing piles of boxes that slowly take over my floorspace.  The move is going to be completed in stages, since I don’t want to leave Marc with a totally empty house until he moves back to the DC area sometime in May or June.  I’ll be moving my “stuff” and a few pieces of furniture (bed, some shelves, a few chairs) on my own, but then I’ll be holding off on the rest of the furniture until he’s finished packing up his own stuff, and then I’ll have movers come and shift the rest.  So I’ll be in a house mostly filled with boxes and not much else for about 4-6 weeks, while he’ll be in a house with mostly furniture and not much else for the same amount of time.


4. One of the first projects that I have to tackle with Lorraine (I’ve decided that for the time being, naming the house after the street it resides on is the easiest way to refer to it) is the windows.  Lorraine needs 10 new windows – almost every window in the house.  I’m going to be going with Revolution Windows, who has not only been the vendor of choice for a few of my local friends, but who has also been responsible for windows for several rather awesome historic preservation efforts within the city (like the Baltimore Design School) as well as a few new-old buildings in the city like Remington Row.


For the moment though, the windows are definitely showing their age.  The frames and sills are all over 100 years old, and the aluminum windows inside them are almost 40 years old.  Half of the windows in the house no longer stay open on their own, and a few of the sills are badly rotted and need replacing.  I have a few decisions to make about the windows, which is something new and fairly foreign to me – I’ve never owned my own place before, so I am totally unused to actually having a say in what it looks like.  The front of the house (and one window in the back) have to be wood, but the rest could be vinyl for a savings of about $800.  What I need to decide now is if I want to go ahead and shell out the extra cash to have all the windows in the house be wooden (and much higher quality), as well as whether I want the windows in the house to be “2 over 2” windows as they were historically or to go with the slightly cheaper “1 over 1” style.  After what I saw at the shop today, I’m probably going to go with 2 over 2s because they add so much character back into the house, but I still have to speak with my parents about the vinyl/wood issue.  For your own perusal, here’s a few examples of what I mean by “2 over 2” windows, in similarly aged homes to Lorraine:



I will also be painting my bedroom for the first time…ever.  I’m going with a sort of peacock blue that has long been my favorite color.   I prefer my bedroom to be a bit darker than most folks, as it helps me feel that it’s a restful space.  My new bedroom will also once again be doubling as my office, and for the sake of glare, I need to be able to have a fairly dark space for my computer.   Something along these lines is what I’m going to be aiming for, color-wise:



5.  I’ve also decided to go back to work on the boats in DC temporarily.  I want to see if I can find a halfway decent job here in Baltimore (in the $30k+/yr range) and I’d rather have the flexibility to choose carefully rather than jumping into the first thing that pays the bare minimum of my bills.  Working on the boats will provide me with some income while also giving me much more time to search for new work, something I wouldn’t have if I took a more full time boat job here in Baltimore.  I thought for sure that I was done with the boats in DC, but apparently not, and now I get to write a wonderfully awkward email to my boss about my transition.  Whee.


For now, though, I’m enjoying having a bit of downtime, and I’m getting a lot done in my personal life.  My to-do list, which got pretty out of control for awhile there, is finally being tackled, and I’m being productive enough that I don’t feel so guilty about doing things like taking half an hour to wander around an industrial site for photos, even if it does mean that I take the occasional selfie now. 😉

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