Nadezhda in Hunt Valley

Last fall I had something of a penchant for taking our sidecar motorcycle, Nadezhda, for a ride up Falls Rd until I eventually hit Hunt Valley’s back roads.  One day I took a drive up there with my camera bag in the sidecar, with the intention of taking photos of some of the horse farms up there as well as some “portraits” of Nadezhda herself.  All went well until I went to start up the bike after one stop and I got nothing – not even an engine straining to turn over.  I checked all the contact points and usual electrical gremlin spots, but no dice.  Eventually I gave Marc a call and he came out to join me and see if he could get her to run.  Stubborn thing that she is, he had no luck either.  So, we had to call for a tow truck, and I took advantage of the situation by taking some portraits of Marc on the bike as well as some other shots of the surrounding area while we waited.  I really like the look of some of what I got, especially with the way I used the headlights of oncoming cars as an impromptu light source at times.


These are long, long overdue, but I’m sure you all will appreciate them anyway.  Enjoy!


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