Military Through the Ages 2016: Early Edits

This past weekend was the 2016 edition of Military Through the Ages, a living history event that is a competition judged by your unit’s ability to interpret to the public.  It’s a great event, with 36 units participating this year (nearly 3x that number applied to participate, but this is a juried event), and all of them were the cream of the crop for their particular eras.  If you want to see the best of the best of reenacting, you can’t do much better than MTA.  This was my 7th year participating, and though the weather wasn’t great, it was still a rather fun event – the public seems to ask better and better questions every year, or maybe I just get better at answering them.


I didn’t take nearly as many photos this year as I usually do, due to trying to do my best to stick around camp for the public.  But, I did manage to snap a few, and here are some of the ones I chose to edit first.  I’ll post the rest once I’m finished in a few days.  For now, enjoy!



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