Houston, we have a house!

After seeing 14 houses and putting offers in on three of them, one of those offers has finally been accepted.  We’ve had an inspection done, and now we’re at the negotiation stage, in which there’s a good amount of haggling with the sellers over what needs to be fixed and who is going to pay for it.  I think we got it for a pretty good price for its condition and location, and it’s the most even split between location, price, and quality of any of the houses I looked at.  It’s also the only affordable house I looked at that was even remotely in the area where most of my friends are, which is nice.


The house is in Harwood, a neighborhood east of Charles Village, where Johns Hopkins University is.  It’s a “transitional” neighborhood, but seems to be on the rise, if somewhat more slowly than some of the areas surrounding it.  The house needs some work (3 new joists, chimney relining, new windows and sills in the more immediate sense, some kitchen and bathroom work and central air in the longer term sense), but is a good mix of having been renovated a bit without having lost most of the original character.  The basement is unfinished but is tall enough that it could be finished later on, and it has a few cool perks like a south-facing room (studio!) and a hot tub (which has apparently made me everyone’s new best friend).  I look forward to making it my own over time, and it’s just the right size that it’s not cramped with a roommate, nor is it too cavernous to live in alone.


Here’s a few photos of the interior of the house:



So, now it’s just fingers crossed that the sellers will pay for as much of the repairs as possible and that the whole process has as few hitches as possible.  If all goes well, I should be in the new place sometime in April!

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