Big News or Why I Feel Like a Headless Chicken

If you’ve seen me lately, I’ve probably come off as a bit scatterbrained and manic.  There’s a good reason for this.  I, in my infinite wisdom, have decided on the decidedly insane path of buying a house, finding a new job, and getting major surgery all at the same approximate time.  As if that weren’t reason enough to question my judgement, let me explain further:


First of all, I’d been holding back this important news until I had alllllll the facts, but now I can tell explain: my parents are looking to buy a house in Baltimore for me to live in and fix up, which they will then sell to me once I have a job and credit score that doesn’t make banks cringe in fear.  We’ve decided that this is the best way to take advantage of Baltimore’s rising market while also providing me with some stability. This is great (fantastic, really), but also means I will be doing all of the legwork, as my parents are in Texas.  I don’t have to be out of my current place until next summer, but I need to find a house by early spring, due to how long closing on a house takes, etc.


On top of this, I also will be needing a new job, as it has become unfeasible for me to keep driving down to Alexandria every week for work, especially now that Maryland has raised its minimum wage, making even a menial job here better than what I have now.  Thankfully, I’m fairly well positioned to find work in Baltimore, as there’s a lot more stuff here that I’m qualified for than there was down in DC.  But, this is still going to take time.


I am also getting top surgery in January, which has approximately a 6-8 week recovery time.  During this time I’ll be able to look for jobs (well, after the first week or so, once the narcotics wear off), but not much else.  Moving is pretty much right out during that time, unless I do it very slowly and with much help.  If I find a house now, that means I have a ton of paperwork to do over the holidays and immediately before surgery.  If I wait and find a house after surgery, it’s cutting it close on time that I need to be out of our current place.  If I try and house hunt while recovering and while job hunting, that’s kind of a recipe for disaster.


In addition, Marc will be moving back to DC next summer to move in with his girlfriend, Andy.  It doesn’t affect me too much, but it does add in a few factors.  Marc isn’t planning on taking much of our furniture and whatnot, but I also can’t just move out and leave him without furnishings for a few months if I find a house sooner rather than later.  On the flip side, it does mean that I can take my time in moving my stuff, because I’m not butting up against the end of a lease.


To cap it off, some of the neighborhoods I’m most interested in are rising rapidly in price, due to some developments in those areas nearing completion.  I have some flexibility in most areas, but I need to be able to act quickly in general.  Rose is also coming home from China in June and will be moving in as my roommate, so I have to have things fairly squared away by then.


So, there you have it.  With all of this in my head, it’s no surprise that I’ve been scatterbrained and stressed, but hopefully after the next 6 months or so of insanity, I can settle down a little bit and get to enjoy this newly adopted city more.

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