Bernie Sanders Livestream Campaign Party

Way back in July, my friend Sonia signed up to be a host for one of the viewing parties for the Bernie Sanders campaign.  It was a pretty incredible experience – people of all ages, races, and even many stripes of LGBT were in attendance, all with the same goal – working toward helping Sanders’ campaign.  We watched the live feed of his address, but what was fascinating was the discussion that we all had afterward about what we could do in our own respective communities here in Baltimore, not just to help the campaign, but to help out in general, such as going door to door to help people in poorer areas register to vote.

This is the first time since the Clinton campaign (and by that I mean Bill, not Hillary) since I’ve been involved in campaigning, and it’s nice to finally have a candidate that I agree with pretty close to 100%.  Anyway, here, have some photos:

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