Afternoon Showers

Every once in awhile, I’m so struck by the beauty inherent in a moment that I can’t not document it.  The other day, Marc was preparing to get into the shower, and the way the light and water interacted with his body, as well as his own movement, was so striking that I took out my iPhone and started shooting.  I’m exceptionally pleased with the images that I got, and other than the fact that I cannot make large prints from them, I don’t even regret using the medium I had on me – my iPhone.  If I had run downstairs to get my camera, and then run into my room to get a memory card for it, by the time I had gotten set up, the moment would have been gone.  Not only that, but I would have had more flexibility with exposure, which likely would have resulted in entirely different photographs.  Sometimes, not only is the best camera the one you have with you, sometimes the one you have with you is also the best camera for the job.




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